Auto Change Availability Setting

Inside your property settings you will find this small setting with quite a long description

This setting this is ON by default.

For PMS Connected properties

Please turn this OFF if the property is connected to a PMS

The PMS will be controlling availability and it is not a good practice that Channex will also change availability after bookings also.

Examples of issues:

1. Cancelled Booking

- OTA Booking is cancelled in PMS manually by property (Guest Phones to cancel)

- PMS sends +1 for that date to Channex

- OTA sends cancellation to Channex and Channex +1 also

- Now Channex has 2 rooms to sell (It should be just 1)

- You suffer overbooking

For this case the PMS should have sent back availability for that cancellation even if it was already cancelled. But this is just one of many ways there are edge case issues with having the setting turned on.

2. Modified Bookings

You can have a booking get modified and change dates, lets say they moved a 1 night booking from Dec 1 to December 5

- Channex +1 availability Dec 1

- Availability for Dec 5 will go -1

- PMS might have already moved the booking in advance and send no feedback about Dec 1


From our experience most overbookings (99%) is from this setting being on. You can as a PMS create properties via API and have this setting off when you create.

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