Close out a specific OTA for certain dates

Sometimes you will have a situation where you are connected to many channels but you really want to close availability to one of them on some key dates.

Example: You are connected to 5 channels but want to block Expedia for Dec 25 to 31st

To get this done you will need to learn about a special modifier we have in Channex called "Max Availability"

Note: Make sure you change the channel rate plans or you will end up blocking all OTA's

Step 1 - Find the channel rate plan you want to block

You can see "1 Channel" on the rate plans. You will need to click on these to show the channel rate plans of the data you send to the OTA

Here is the expanded view, you will see the "Channel Name" and then the custom name you supplied in the channel

Step 2 - Show the Max Availability restriction

Click on the first filter and select "Max Availability"

Then you will see something like this: