Create a Room Type

After you have created a property your next task is to create room types

Channex has a similar setup to and Expedia where all properties needs a Room Type.

Note: If you have a Vacation Rental or Holiday Home then your property is the "Room Type", you will need to create a Room Type anyway. You can call it the name of your property.

Note: If you are a hostel and sell beds, then you should name the room type as the bed "Bed in 8-Bed Dorm Room"


1. Go to the "Rooms & Rates" tab

2. Click on "Create"

3. Enter title for the room

Create Room Type

Property: This will choose your property for you if incorrect please choose your property before creating new room.

Title: Name of the Room Type (Or Property Name here if it is a Vacation Rental)

Note: If you own a Hostel and this is a dorm bed, please name the room in this way "Bed in 8 Bed Dorm Room" Where the bed is the room.

Type of Room: Room is default for most properties, choose "Dorm" if this is a dorm bed.

Count of Rooms: Enter here how many rooms you have, this is for information only and will not affect any channels

Max Adults: Enter the amount of adult bed spaces.

Example: If a double room with a double bed, it will sleep 2 adults

Max Children: This is child beds, if you have any beds specifically for children

Example: If a double room with a double bed, it will sleep 2 adults. There is no child specific beds so please enter 0 here. (Children can use adult beds)

Max Infants: Beds for infants only (Baby Cots)

Default Occupancy: This is for information only

Please save your room type and repeat the steps if you have multiple room types to add

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