Create Rate

To create a rate plan please click on more actions on the room type and then "Create Rate"

Title - Name of Rate

Property - Choose for which property (Pre Filled)

Room Type - For which Room you are creating a rate for (Pre Filled)

Manual - You will enter prices for the room manually.

Derived - The price & restriction will be derived from another room type. Please go to this link to see how this works.

Price Settings - Manual Pricing - Per Room

Currency - This is pre filled from your Property Setting.

Sell Mode - You can choose if it just a price for the room or price per person

Once the rate is created you will manage all price, availability and restrictions with bulk update.

Derived Rate Create

Choose "Derived" option and you will get options to choose the parent rate and what to inherit.

Parent Rate Plan - This is the room type you will derive price and restrictions from

Inherit from Parent - You will choose what to inherit from the parent rate

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