Property Content Ready For Google

Before adding the Google connection please make sure your property content is completed. Failure to do this will mean guests will be really unlikely to book since the page will look unfinished.

Property Content

Go to the property page and find your property and click on edit

Edit - General Property Settings

In edit page is all the basic information with address, currency and timezone. Please fill out all fields.

You should search for your property in Google to look at what address Google has for your property:

As you can see from the image above, try enter exactly the same address in Channex. If the address or telephone is different Google might fail to match your property and you will no go live.

Content - Images & Other content on your property

Please fill out all fields and images here. Logo is optional and you can leave this.

Hotel Policy

Click create to set your hotel policy. It will ask general questions like if you offer parking, wifi and pet policy etc.

Cancellation Policy

Create a cancellation policy for the property, you can set many here. Once you have completed the policy you should edit your rate plans to use the correct policy


For setting tax and tax set you should first add all the separate taxes for your property in the "Tax" tab

UK Example: Set 20% VAT (inclusive)